1. Yesterday was a 24-hour of spontaneity. We played with jellyfishes, ran along meadows and chased the sun down. My favorite moments were the times when I get to escape from everyone, climb on top of an island ridge and sit down along rice field contours to think. Short-lived sanity. Short-lived sanity.



  2. Fieldwork Misc

    Hi. Bye. #sorryforthethesisrants


  3. Plate 1. Lula Mayakmak demonstrating how a kayabang is carried with a string attachment called the uyon.

    *A kayabang is a traditional basket made from bolo and uai; used specifically by Ikalahan women to carry harvested obi (sweet potatoes) and other crops.

    *Uyon is the string attachment for the kayabang; made also from the uai of a rattan.

    Rest of the photos— for ethnoarchaeological research a.k.a. I’m still working on my thesis T___T

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  5. temple x bicycle x self

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  6. —at Bakong Temple


  7. Day 3. Killing Fields.


  8. Day 3. Silk Farm Pt. I 


  9. Day 3. Khmer Woodshop.


  10. Day 2 in Orange soils. Kind Khmer Locals x Sugar Palm Stalls


  11. Day 1-2 Temple Hopping | All photographs by aineeething.tumblr.com.


  12. Day 1 in REP | All photographs by aineeething.tumblr.com.

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  13. HI. I’m back home from a super duper cool adventure! :)

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  14. For the best year I’ve ever had (yet), thank you for being super spontaneous, epic and surprising. I could not have asked for a better 2013. :) And above all, thank you Lord for making every year even greater.


  15. Tawid

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