1. MNL x S M O G

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  2. Today at Maginhawa Food Fest 

  3. Decalachao, Palawan 2014

  4. San Nicolas, Calamianes Islands, Palawan 2014

  5. Kidd x Earl x CJ x Anj x Pat


  6. neverheard-nobody said: Hello there, fellow IP advocate! Its really nice to have one around here in Tumblr. :) Stay strong, for the love of our IP brothers and sisters!

    Thank you, kind fellow! That’s great news. :) Mabuhay to our IP brothers and sisters!

  7. Tabuk, 2013

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  8. Aldevinco, Davao 2014

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  9. Bakas ng Kadayawan | Davao, 2014

  10. Bakong, REP 2014

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  11. 365ofapollo:

    Little Tokyo, 2014

    Photo by Aine Parlade


  12. Anonymous said: what camera and lens do u use?

    Hello there. I use an old Canon Rebel Xsi (450D) + its 18-55mm kit lens and sometimes my 50mm f1.8 prime.

    EDIT: But hey, I forgot, here’s the thing: it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the shooter!

  13. Urameshiya, Little Tokyo, 2014

    Thank you Loith (thesleepingninja)! Happy 18th birthday!

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  14. Anonymous said: hello, i admire your blog a lot. :) i hope you have a nice day!

    Helloooo. Thank you for taking the time to send such kind words! :)

  15. Imugan-Malico, NV

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