1. Imugan-Malico, NV

  2. Imugan, NV

    Tribal dance performed by one of the distinct indigenous groups in Northern Luzon collectively known as “Igorots”

  3. MNL, 2014

  4. Bakong, REP 2014


  5. Thank you, UP Photographers’ Society!


    I know I rarely do the talking thing (because I’m really not good with this, so please forgive me), but to tell you the truth, I never really had the chance to formally thank the UP PhotoS body during my last few days in the university. So here goes, at least, for the last time…

    My biggest thank you goes to the coolest person who pushed and “forced” (okay, invited) me to attend the UP PhotoS orientation night last June 21, 2011— ate Ja, who happened to be my aunt-mentor in the org family. (She asked me thrice to come just to make sure that I’ll be an orientee.)

    Next one goes to my Capture batchmatesiblings (Cece, Mikey, Cla, Claiie, Abby, Karl, Ninna, Kidd, Eileen, Peter, Pau), who stood with me through fat and thin moments. (Special mention to Lawrence Gill/Kidd, my Segunda Litratista and successor— I’m super proud of you!) *creys*

    To my org mentors: Ninong AJ, for the endless tips and for untiringly dragging me to photowalks and instant shoot outs;  Kuya Bill, for the teachings and all out support and love; Ate Shanem Pey, Boss Mow, pseudo-Ninong Gelo and Educ Comm for all the technical learnings and bondings; Kuya Jethro, Ate RA, Ate Donna and the rest of the Primera Litratistas for the constant advice and guidance.

    To the 9th and 10th Anniv Executive Council, for being my companions and sakit-ng-ulo-mates during the hardest yet the best last years of my stay in the org as a resident member.

    Lastly and most importantly, to the 10th Anniv body, to my closest pseudo-batchmates/siblings (Pat, Dawith, Joey, Ri’nak, Kehleh, Root, kuya Anj) and to the people who called me Prim, THANK YOU for staying all throughout the misery and happy days (Yay we survived!), for understanding my shortcomings and also for giving me the best birthday surprises ever!




    Again, THANK YOU, UP Photographers’ Society for the life changing experience— not just for giving me the opportunity to discover my passion for photography, but also for giving me the chance to prove myself as a servant leader. I will forever be a proud Litratista! Love, Prim.


  6. Anonymous said: Do you still dream of being an astronaut?

    Every single day. :D 

    EDIT: See this! http://vimeo.com/55073825

  7. work x play

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  8. Wat Thmey x Angkor Wat x Bakong

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  9. Yesterday was a 24-hour of spontaneity. We played with jellyfishes, ran along meadows and chased the sun down. My favorite moments were the times when I get to escape from everyone, climb on top of an island ridge and sit down along rice field contours to think. Short-lived sanity. Short-lived sanity.

  10. fieldwork a.k.a. my thesis: a work on progress

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  12. —at Bakong Temple

  13. Day 3. Killing Fields.

  14. Day 3. Silk Farm Pt. I 

  15. Day 3. Khmer Woodshop.